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Everything is moving online. Is your business moving with the times? Reconsider the way in which you manage your office administration with Di-Verse Virtual Office Solutions. As your virtual assistant (VA), we’ll take care of your office administration, office management and client management.

Virtual Office Administration

Calendar Management

Coordinating client's schedule and calendar Scheduling meetings and appointments

Email Management

Reviewing and vetting client's email inbox
Drafting and sending emails

Event & Travel Arrangements

Identifying and booking event venues and suppliers Flight and hotel bookings
Travel itineraries

Document Preparation

Creating and formatting new PDF guides
Creating and developing new presentation slides
Creating spreadsheets to manage business data
Creating organisational charts, flow diagrams, forms and surveys

Document Conversion

Scanning documents
Converting documents to other editable digital formats (e.g., Microsoft Office product to PDF and vice versa).

Document Management

Preparing, managing, and distributing important documents for clients and companies.


Transcribing audio and video into text-based documents. This includes dictation.

Copy Typing

Using a computer keyboard to transcribe and digitize handwritten text, hard copies of documents, other digital text.

Editing & Proofreading

Editing and proofreading pieces of content for clients to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors Improving stylistic elements of written content like flow and readability

Virtual Client Management

  • Communicating and liaising with clients on behalf of a company
  • Maintaining client records and accounts

Virtual Office Management

Process Management

Evaluating and improving a business's processes Making business operations and workflow more efficient Ensuring company policies and procedures are standardised

Project Administration & Management

Coordinating and managing client’s projects
Managing contractors' projects and schedules
Setting up, updating and managing tasks on project management software

Additional Virtual Office Support Services

Internet Research

All forms of online research Content research for your blog, videos, courses and other content channels Competitor research, keyword research and audience research Researching conversations on social media channels


Blog management *
Content management *
Social media management *
Website management. *

Virtual Assistant Packages


1 hour
Time frame of 1 day


Develop 2-5 hours
Time frame of 1 week


5-10 hours
Time frame of 1 month


10-15 hours
Time frame of 1 month


15-20 hours
On a retainer basis

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