Data Administration & Information Management

Knowledge is power. Does your business have efficient data administration processes and effective information management? Reconsider the way in which your business manages data and information with Di-Verse Virtual Office Solutions. As your virtual assistant (VA), we’ll take care of all your data administration and information management needs.

Data Administration

Data Collection

Gathering and measuring information on certain variables Using a range of collection methods like web-based surveys, mail surveys and telephonic surveys

Data Entry

Updating and entering data into a computer system Data formatting and verification Importing and exporting data

Data Analytics

Collecting and analysing data to extract business insights Data mining Data visualisation dashboards

Information Management

Database Management

Overseeing design of databases Setting up, maintaining and updating databases for clients and their suppliers Monitoring database performance Preparing reports on databases

Records Management

Collecting, storing, maintaining and managing documents Facilitating effective storage of documents Facilitating access to the latest versions of important documents

Report Writing

Analysing or researching various data relevant to your business Presenting the information in a clear written and/or graphical format

Virtual Assistant Packages


1 hour
Time frame of 1 day


Develop 2-5 hours
Time frame of 1 week


5-10 hours
Time frame of 1 month


10-15 hours
Time frame of 1 month


15-20 hours
On a retainer basis

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