Rethinking Admin Support

Reconsider the way in which you do your administration with Di-Verse Virtual Office Solutions.

Your time is precious, and your money is valuable. You’ve built your business and watched it grow, but the sky is the limit with how far you can still go. Now is the time to hire a Virtual Assistant (VA). It’s our job to help you with your office management and administrative tasks, so you can keep your eyes on the prize while we take care of the rest.

With a VA, you not only get the best value for your time – you also make the most out of your money. With the world moving into a digital space, now is the perfect time for a VA. It’s the perfect time for Di-Verse Virtual Office Solutions.

How we work in 4 easy steps


[di‘fain] verb “to fix or lay down clearly and definitely; specify distinctly” We identify the pains, issues and/or challenges in your business. Thereafter, we outline the steps needed to accomplish the desired results.


[awr-guh-nahyz] verb “to systematize” We take all the gathered information and arrange it into a logical, coherent strategy.


[prie-O-ri-tiez] verb “to arrange or do in order of priority” We rank the projects and/or tasks in order of importance, giving the most crucial elements a higher priority.


[ek-si-kyoot] verb “to carry out; accomplish” We complete the required projects and/or tasks to attain the desired result.

Diane Hartley

Rethink your Admin Support with Di-Verse Virtual Office Solutions

I found Di-Verse Virtual Office Solutions in 2018 following my passion for organizing and implementing office systems. This, plus, I have always found immense pleasure in resolving my client’s problems.

With over 25 years’ working experience in a Di-Verse range of industries, my experience paired with my ability to deal with people on all levels, gives me the perfect edge to adapt to any environment. I am a driven, task-orientated person who values honesty, integrity and consistency.

My personality, experience and Di-Verse technical skills make me a perfect partner in a business relationship that requires professionalism, structure, attention to detail, flexibility, and administrative problem-solving. From computer programming to support and training, and also office administration, I have extensive work experience in a variety of industries. Furthermore, I also make a point of keeping up to date with the latest technology. I constantly invest in learning new skills to make myself more efficient and effective within your organisation.

Di-Verse support’s and assist entrepreneurs, and small business owners by taking care of all their admin needs. Encouraging them to focus on doing what they do best, their core business functions while we take care of the rest.

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Our Mission

To be a business that takes pride in the service we provide, striving at all times to deliver a quality product, adding value to our client’s business while creating lasting business relationships.

Why Us

Di-Verse has extensive client experience in administration and support. We provide you with access to specialised skills and years of experience. We are here to eliminate administrative hassles saving you time, enhancing your business’ flexibility, increasing your productivity, and improving the overall operating efficiency of your business.

Home from home

An ally in your path towards business growth.

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Cost Effective Packages

Get affordable support at the click of a button.

Our Core Values

  • Honesty and Respect
  • Perseverance and Commitment
  • Professionalism and Confidentiality
  • Precision, Quality and Consistency

Services Offered


General Administration such as coordinating client's schedule and calendar, scheduling meetings and appointments, reviewing and vetting client's email inbox, drafting and sending emails. Additionally, this also includes communicating with clients, maintaining client accounts, liaising with clients on behalf of a company.


This includes gathering and measuring information, updating and entering data into a computer system, including data formatting and verification. Collecting and analyzing data to extract useful information for companies making business decisions amongst others.


Administrative duties surrounding B-BBEE in South Africa. Assisting with procurement analysis, sourcing suppliers B-BBEE certificates and affidavits. Employment equity analysis and workplace skills plans.


These include special tasks or projects done on request and can be services that are not listed above. We also offer assistance on short notice for those unexpected tasks.

Pricing Structure


We offer a wide range of monthly packages with offerings varying from 5 to 45 hours

Per Hour Billing

We bill per hour for your smaller ad hoc needs.

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